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Monday, January 5, 2009

Automation Irrigation Sistem (sience articel)


fertility of Land;Ground and broadness of agriculture farm require to get the special attention [so that/ to be] can give the optimal result. Technology computerize and irrigation automatization expected to realize the [the] mentioned. CAIS 8255 ( Computerize And Automation Irrigation System 8255) [is] irrigation system applying computer technology as controller and monitoring [of] entire/all arranging arrangement irrigate directly from a appliance center the control ( komputer) and apply the system sensor the laboring supporter automatically control the flood gate.

This system negate the abundant supervisor, going to be enough a few/little operator centered to arrange entire/all flood gate. This system facilitate the operator in calculation and controling, where [the] mentioned processed also pass the computer.

This system have the supporter system beside a[n division of anticipatory water is system [of] floods, system of data marker, system of alarm of indicator and security and also monitoring irrigation, situation [of] flood gate can be watched, laboring channel, if (there are) any machine which [do] not work, and if/when happened [by] the floods can be anticipated the, such alarm system include;cover the system of operation security.

We introduce the system of[is division of water at the same time to early a period of/to planting, because if division of water [done/conducted] in rotation will generate the agriculture trouble, like insecta and paddy bird making to fail the crop. Its solution with the division of water at the same time [go] to the tertiary channel.

A[N system computerize the CAIS 8255 composed [by] the hardware ats and software. Hardware cover the equipments [of] outside like Interface, and Driver. While software represent a[n connective program [among/between] operator by PC [is] so that intertwined [by] communications two direction. Software will [release] the data [pass/through] the PC, where the data will be re-channelled to [his/its] hardware to [is] later;then processed so that can relate to the external world and control the external equipments


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