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Friday, July 2, 2010


Reading this article title, making our mind enquire - ask, If us will consider the continued [by] big such earth [of] its weighing-machine equal to what ? and way of lifting [it] how? That'S possible a number of question which to appear in mind us which gotek ( technological bego ). But [do] not that way to a which genius of calibre of Henry Cavendish

To the genius Cavendish, when studying gravitation theory which is [in] writing by Isac Newton, that level of natural [by] gravitation style an particle [in] universe [is] F = G . M.m / r2 from theory [of] semi becoming that's he find the inspiration that solution key [of] all problems which is related to with the Newton law of gravitation [is] lay in value " G" ( universe constant of gravitation) that is an comparator value which not yet have time to be found [by] a Newton to the death nya
By conscripting all creativity had finally the the jenius succeed also [count/calculate] the G value, that is by using balance puntir [of] result of its creation [is] countable G value finally equal to 6,67 x 10- 1 N.M / kg2 . foundly of the G value hence Cavendish noted [by] first as one who succeed to [count/calculate] the mass of earth and sun or term kerennya, he have succeeded " considering" earth and sun. Still not yet understand also?
Its way like this man

For example : object which mass 1 singk reside in the earth surface [of] hence the object experience of the gravitation style [of] [is] equal to its gravity
F = m.g = 1 x 9,8 = 9,8 N
If object on the surface of earth [of] hence its distance to earth center [of] [is] equal to earth radius that is 6,37 x 106 metre. So that by including the number [is] level of earth mass ( Countable M) equal to 5,97 x 1024 singk of Gitu man

How also by considering sun ( oooo….., do not the problem of man )
Like this
Linking us cannot to sun [of] hence just our sun mass reckon from here Ok. Our Earth always rotate to encircle the sun with the period 1 year = 365 day = 365 x 24 x 3600 second. average thread [of] Earth to sun have been known [by] 150 million kilometre = metre = 1,5 x 1011 metre
Continue [by] us use the [circle;coil] motion principle to regulate of gravitation force = centripetal force, hence we haveing equation G.M.M / r2 = m.v2 / r , with the linear speed [of] v = 2∏r / T
Hence M = v2 . r / G [enter/include] the digits [of] above become the sun mass succeed the us deliberate equal to 2,01 x 10 0 wt. singk almost 360 thousand times our earth weight.
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