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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Reform Of Physycs


To most student, physics [is] very difficult Iesson. Difficulty [of] [all] student to physics Iesson [is] one of them caused [by] too much [his/its] [is] formula in physics Iesson. So that [all] student look into that physics [of] non interesting Iesson but boring Iesson and make the confused them.

With the fact as in to the of course we are as teacher of physics subject it is on the right track [to] look for the solution to assist they overcome the the problem, so that they [is] assisted. For that we require to make a[n change in presenting physics Iesson so that physics Iesson can be followed by [all] student easily and tidy by preoccupying

If you wish the way of to learn the physics easily and quickly please contact the us pass the our email : have the way of learning easy physics and quickly without formula

Way of the solving of physics problem without formula [is] the way of the solving of problem by emphasizing at the understanding of simple concept to finish various internal issue physics. So that [do] not need the complicated calculation, but enough use the simple penalaran. Way of this also can give the very good effect [at] process of forming of student creativity [of] because they [is] trained to develop the penalaran

Differ from the way of conventional which during the time we recognize that is student habit to memorize the formula which is many [do] not make the creative them but only strengthening their recall

So also [all] teacher which wish to innovate to [do/conduct] the renewal in interesting physics study presentation and get an impression to participant educated, we also provide the study module : way of innovation of scenario of physics study preoccupying. Preoccupying to be presented and draw to be followed the

Good luck Master Timin

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